Veterinary Nurse Has Its Own Sweet Way To Greet Pets Waking After Surgery

 Anesthesia always has an effect on beings regardless of whether they are people or animals. However, when people wake up, they generally do not panic like animals because they have a strange place in their eyes. 


Fortunately for pets, veterinary nurse Alina Rojas always does a great job of giving animals love and comfort rather than feeling scared. The nurse recently shared a video online of herself welcoming her canine patient, Bella.

After dental surgery, Bella can get scared, so Rojas knows exactly how to make things better by using her honest approach.

Rojas is cuddling dogs after surgeries, so I did the same for Bella, and it felt safe straight up. In fact, this is an important part of any vet's practice because pets always need to be calm in situations like this. How cute!