Skinny Dog Left in Cage Now Has a Completely Different Appearance

 This "bones" dog wouldn't have survived if someone hadn't spotted the 3-year-old pit bull mix—but luckily, he was.

Officers were distributing eviction notices in the Fort Lauderdale area in early November when they were advised by Young Hush, who was sitting in a pen outside an abandoned stove.  


The renters left the house and left it in a barn in the vicinity with no food or water, according to Tracy Godin, co-founder of Feeling Fine Deliverance in Loxahatchee, Florida. "Of course, the boys asked the children how long the dog had been there, and they replied that he had been there for at least a week." On the other hand, it may have been ignored for much longer.

  "For several months, he wasn't eating well," Godin said. The puppies reported being controlled by domestic animals, who took the bones to a nearby sanctuary. The bones came and were stolen by Godin's friend, who volunteered at the Sanctuary. Godin was stunned and hurt when she got the pictures from her boyfriend. 

 "I loved your breath," Godin said. “I didn't know how he was still alive. The wounds were constantly touching my face.”Godin and her son, Michaela, pulled the dice from the sanctuary the next day, and rushed him to the vet. Godin said, "He can walk no more than 6 steps and not fall."  

 She went on to say, "It was 30 pounds, but it should have been 65 pounds." "He was dehydrated and anemic," says the critic. His skull was visible, and there was no muscle mass in his body. His eyes were sunken into the back of his skull. He wouldn't have made it if he had been in that pen another day, in my view." 

Bones went to Feeling Fine Deliverance, which Godin and her son had run away from their home, after he was well enough to leave the clinic. They are both stunned by Dace's quick recovery. 

 "He's grown 10 pounds in a week," Godin added. “Within a week, he gained 40 pounds. He was finally 50 pounds for two weeks, and 65 pounds by the end of the week. Basically, you can see a difference in dogs every single day.” 

Bones also started to smile, which made his face glow with happiness. "It's really unbelievable to see how a dog can go through so much at the hands of people, and...always be so willing to love and trust new people," Michaela Godin told The Dodo. “Since the nanoseconds we met the dice, he's been the most loving dog. He has an amazing personality.” 

  Dice's good luck continues. He came to the attention of a family hoping for a third dog in late December. "The moment they saw him, they fell in love with him," Tracy Godin recalled. They have come to see him several times. They asked if they could set up a match with two of the current pets on their property." Not only did Dice get along with the family's two other dogs, but he also clicked with their two young children during the match. Bones was placed with the family on a foster-and-borrow arrangement two weeks later. 

 However, after only so many days, the family decided that Bones should stay. “They called me last night and said, ‘We’re more in love with him than the moment we met him, and now we’d like to take him back,’” Tracy Godin said. “I was crying because this family is absolutely unimaginable...and I don’t suppose Bones could have gone to a better home." As for Bones, he seems to know how great he is now.