She became fed up with her dog being called “ugly” and displayed her inner beauty, becoming viral.




 No one has the right to defame others based on their physical characteristics, and this rule applies to both people and things. Unfortunately, some people use derogatory names to condemn others. Including even animals.

It is necessary to accept all beings as they are, despite their differences. Despite the fact that they are not born this way, there are some people who do not understand this and focus on evaluating what the coat looks like in certain circumstances.

Here's the story of Alan, a charming 1-year-old boxer and mixed martial artist who was born with a genetic disorder that causes his nose to curve and tilt to the right when he closes his nostrils.

After finding him abandoned in Doha, Qatar, Alan's Poodle was rescued by Joanna Handley, 41, of Godalming, England.
Contrary to what the pups might claim, Joanna continues, "Alan is our dog, and we know he's really beautiful and special."

Johanna was tired of calling her beloved dog ugly, so she thought of creating a social media account to respond to the insults. Fortunately, the results have been great, Alan.

Joanna created the account Alan the Wonky Dog, which translates to "Alan the wanky dog," to respond to people criticizing her pet, which only served to complicate things further.

Joanna said: "Alan's appearance has received a lot of criticism. There is no way, some have pledged to send me money so that I can pay for the surgery and facial reconstruction that will be required," Joanna said.

With over 141,000 followers and over a million "likes" on his posts, Alan has established himself as one of the most popular personalities on social media.

Joanna's goal was to show her how amazing her dog is inside and out, no matter how he looks. She urges people to accept and adopt rescued special needs dogs because they are wonderful beings who must live loving lives.

Because I was worried about his possible respiratory problems in the future, I had him evaluated by a vet before surgery, and the doctor assured me he was in perfect condition. He will have to break and rebuild his jaw and nose. For something just beautiful, it would be a terrible torment. Johanna indicated that it was absurd to subject him to this.

It's finally here: the massive claw of the live event! Meet Alan, Lexi, Joker, Wayne, Ryan, Dengosa and their fellow humans. You have my undying love, Emily

Johanna shows incredible bravery and love in defiance of the attacks against her furry friend. Since she first launched her account, her comments and messages have been overwhelmingly positive.

Johanna said: He was loved by all.

After he rescues him, Johanna is relieved. He is the missing member of his family.

We should all share Alan's story because it is so touching and his mom will help raise awareness about adopting these exotic animals.