Dog reunites with owner after 2-year disappearance, jumps into her arms

 Jasmine Noffsinger and her sister spotted a malnourished dog walking on the side of the road as they returned from a coffee run.

  Noffsinger described the dog as having all his ribs and spine visible due to him being so skinny. They pulled into a parking lot and ordered the dog.

Noffsinger got out of the car and the dog came running towards her with excitement and shook his entire body, which she found absolutely adorable.

After the hungry pooch hopped into their car, the first thing Jasmine Noffsinger and her sister did was take him to the vet for a microchip check. "He had one, but they couldn't recover his information," Noffsinger said.

Thanks to the microchip company that got Hamm's information, they find out that his name is Hamm and that he came from Dade City, Florida. The company contacted Patricia DeWitt's husband, who then connected Ham's rescuer to his mother.

Noffsinger recounted the emotional moment when she told Malik Hamm that she had found him. "I was shocked and disbelieved when I told her I had a ham," Noffsinger said.

“Ham’s mother informed me that he has been missing since February 2021 from their home in Dade City, which is 450 miles from Pensacola where she found him,” Noffsinger said. The Hamm family searched for him extensively, but because of the large 100-acre lot behind their home, their efforts were unsuccessful.

The meeting was agreed to meet halfway in Tallahassee byNoffsinger and DeWit. According to Nofsinger, when DeWits arrived, Hamm ran directly at them and jumped into their car.

Since reuniting with his mom,Noffsinger has been getting sweet Ham updates every day, and she has said he acts like he never left. Noffsinger advised pet owners to get their pets microchipped and make sure their registration is up to date.

Furthermore, if someone finds a dog with a chip in it, Noffsinger recommended going the extra mile and doing the right thing because just because information doesn't appear right away doesn't mean there isn't information available.