My heartwarming tale of rescuing my neighbor's dog


A woman took to Reddit to share how she adopted her neighbor's dog after they dropped her off at a rescue shelter to make room for a new puppy — and she's enjoying her new life with her new owner.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility – and not something you should jump into on a whim. A woman has expressed her "disgust" after her neighbor dropped off her dog at a local rescue center to make room for a new puppy.

Speaking to Reddit, the woman explained how the poor dog, called Missy, spent an entire month in kennels before she realized what had happened to her. Wanting to make a difference in the dog's life and prove her point to her neighbors, she went to the rescue center and registered her name to take it home.

Fortunately for Missy, the woman's request was granted and she quickly settled into her new home - next door to her previous owners.

"Our neighbors left their dog and got a new puppy. I was at the shelter for a whole month before I realized what had happened," she said.

The woman shared a photo of Missy at the shelter and when she arrived at her new home to show how much of a difference a few hours can make in a dog's life.

She added: "This is Missy in the shelter, and when she realized she was never coming back."

Since Missy had only been living with the woman for a few days, her previous owners had not yet noticed her running around in the garden of the house next door.

The woman added: "She hasn't seen the neighbors yet. Macy would always run to the fence to kiss me when I came out, so we've always had a really good relationship."

“I could tell she was depressed and stressed but seemed relieved to be here.”

Sharing their thoughts on her kindness, one user said: "Hey, the grass is greener this side!" -Messi

"You are a very good person. My neighbor moved to Florida and just dropped his 18 year old cat off at the vet like it wasn't his problem anymore," another user said.

“A lot of us were going to take it but we didn't find out until it was put out.”

A third user said: "Thank you for your big heart. You've given her a better life. She seems to understand that this is where she's meant to be."